PROVA's foundation in 1946 stemmed from the discovery of a groundbreaking technology for the extraction of vanilla. Since it's creation, transferring it's know how has relied first and foremost on an in-depth knowledge of products and technologies.

Bolstered by years of experience, PROVA has acquired an expert knowledge of raw materials, selected in line with the extraction techniques used. It also has an ongoing commitment to improve its industrial infrastructure and in this way optimize performance. PROVA's buying, extracting and tasting expertise underpins its unique personality. Merging the olfactory and technical worlds led to the idea for an aromatic palette that has developed and extended over time to give PROVA the identity it enjoys today: as the expert in sweet brown flavorings. Over and above its know-how, PROVA is also very much the story of a family business, owned by the Acat family. Marcel, the founding grandfather, Daniel the pioneer father and today Muriel, his daughter, with her sights firmly set on the future. Three personalities that have shaped the company's history, three different visions, and a shared passion for authentic tastes and respect for raw materials.